12.12 Hayyakum Legacy

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4 min readDec 12, 2021

Hayyakum means welcome in the Emirati dialect of Arabic spoken in the UAE, the home of the Dubai Exp 2020. It is the one place the world comes together for festivities, food and fanfare over new innovations. Thinking family first, building a legacy to remember, and letting go of fleeting materialism associated with the commercial X-Mas season is fantastic for the soul.

Set the soulful atmosphere balancing positive and negative ions in the air with a soulful gift, or “Behdad.” Incense to a traditional oil diffusor to fumigate the home with cinnamon and spice to everything nice this winter as welcomed tokens for the senses to naturally appreciate are appropriate. Simple warm scents are great ways to greet and bring everyone one close together. Building scent memories that span a legacy lifetime beyond a smiling Saturday sunrise on the Seventh Day is truly good for the soul!

The AmerRoyalty.org patriarch tribe descendant of Ani Yun Wiyah (U.S.A. Cherokee) embraced the soul enriching expo location with the local youth of the emerging nation eclipsing the American Dream with the Dubai Dream. It is an ongoing thrill each passing year since accepting the offer overseas post the win on AMERICA’S GAME® in 2017. The newly sealed 3 day weekend affords UAE inhabitants particularly in AL SHARJAH a better way to embrace tech safely by nesting it each Seventh Day without a bottom line sacrifice required. This is truly a welcoming symbol of hope for a sustainable future.

Uprooting the family of five half way around the world sight unseen is a true Abraham type account for the House of Al Yahshar-Holt. Before the UAE arrival, the family was upholding the principle of their ancestors handed down orally and then in written form. The core principle embraced prior to the Wheel of Fortune appearance was to rest from work intentionally on the Seventh Day.

Welcoming the Ancient Path Legacy ushered in fabulous financial and personal rewards beyond the TV game show win. This secret saved the family from “burn out” as working seven days a week was exhausting with minimal bottom line benefits at the expense of heritage, health and enterprise innovation. Coming to the UAE, gave the household a fresh start socially and soulfully speaking without compromises to core values.

The 2017 travel experience with the start of 5G roll out was dehydrating after coming out of Miami’s to Chicago’s O’Hare airports to finally touch down in Abu Dhabi, UAE. The family’s health nose dive became clear during a winter blackout experience that briefly interrupted all electricity. This curious occurrence ushered in the “Man in the Mirror Mantra” to be the change desired by practice.

An intentional tech diet became part of the Seventh Day rest as negative health symptoms mysterious went away. Then upon Scripture review, it became crystal clear that it was in alignment with the instructions of the Creator. This made it a must do and the family has found ways to make it count in fun and fulfilling activities. Here is a glimpse into the House of Al Yahshar-Holt weekend reset protocol.

1. Stay local. Walk no more than round trip 2,000 cubits (man’s arm length hand to elbow). Keep the vehicle parked to reduce carbon emissions pollution impacting air quality in the environment.

2. Read books. Start with Scripture studies first. Then enrich time with themes of heritage, health and enterprise. Create oral stories and legends with loved ones to pass the time too.

3. Nest technology. Put away for 12 consecutive hours all EMF blue light emitting devices that produce electro-smog. Florida medical expert, Dr. Mercola shared evidence based methods to protect mitochondria, which influences lifespan. Think Black Seed and Frankincense oils of the ancient path scripture legacy for natural protection against radiation and more.

4. Store your work and wallet. Do only caretaker tasks. For instance, feed pets during daylight hours as required for life sustainability. Restrict routine buying and selling practices until sunset. Everyone benefits from avoiding burn out. Stay engaged locally on Saturdays and shop if you like after the stars like Al Yah (The North Star) come into view.

5. Eat simple. Embrace raw or uncooked meal solutions for the day to reduce internal inflammation. Control mucus and inflammation to prevent disease onset. Salad to stew made fresh on Friday as the day of preparation can be enjoyed Saturday without any complications.

6. Master a game. Do board games to build mental agility and memory skills. Enjoy a day at a board games café, like RACKS in AL SHARJAH, the home of the 3 day weekend in the UAE. Feel free to partake in practice before buying a game for the home collection. This is a surefire way to recharge the soul with a smile on Saturday celebrating Friday’s time well spent.

7. Indulge in self-care. Take a detox bath or complete a simple facial cleanse. Bentonite Clay to Avocado masks can be rejuvenating with little effort. A professional follow-up Sunday spa and brunch over a 3 day weekend welcoming in the workweek can be a best friends’ social ritual East to West in the UAE.

There you have the top 7 ways the House of Al Yahshar-Holt enriches the Seventh Day respectfully within the dynamic UAE lifestyle as AmerRoyalty.org members. The nation enclave city of the first full three day weekend place on the planet within the international status is making its mark in history as the Dubai Expo 2020 takes center stage during the Golden Jubilee Year of the Nation.


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